Cooking With Arva

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Cooking in the kitchen with the half naked, high heeled, hot ebony babe Arva Nalga.

While her husband is away, the sexy Dominican beauty, Arva Nalga, is cooking up a hot and steamy cock sucking session with me. Half naked, wearing only a flannel shirt and high heels, she teases me with her sultry body, sexy legs and tight booty. I can never resist a blow job from this chocolate dish.

High heeled, big booty ebony wife bends over a hot stove and reveals the crack of her tight ass.

Watching her bend over in her high heels and seeing the crack of her ass reminds of the times I have pumped her tight asshole with my cock, but tonight, I want one of her deep and sloppy blow jobs.

Thick lipped ebony wife sucks the white cock of her husbands friend.

Arva got on her knees, grabbed my cock, spit on it, and ran her tongue up and down my dick to make sure it was wet enough for her to lock her thick lips around it. Once she gets a cock lubricated and wraps her lips lips tight around your cock she can literally suck the cum out of your balls. Her style is extremely wet and sloppy!

Ebony wife and mom, Arva Nalga, cheats on husband and sucks a white cock in her kitchen.

Every time Arva gives me head it always ends as a sloppy mess. There has to be a gallon of cum and saliva, between the two of us, after we are done. Trust me! I am not complaining. I will clean-up after Arva’s blow jobs all day long.

Black chick swallows cum and gets a facial from her husbands white friend.
We ended up on the kitchen floor with Arva going done on my dick. I shot my load in her mouth, and she took some on her face as she pumped my cock. You can see the really hot video by clicking here.

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Timeka’s Heads

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Big tit black chick spreads a white guys legs and goes down on his hard cock.

Timeka Taylor is in the BlowBob hall of fame for the record number of times she has sucked my dick. Over the past eight years I have enjoyed her amazing oral talents over two hundred times, swallowing gallons of my cum. I have dipped my stick in her pussy and asshole. I have shared her with other men and woman, and her sexual prowess never ceases to amaze me. I always told her she will make some guy a great wife someday.

Black slut wraps her thick lips around a white cock and does deep throat.

I meet Timeka when she was just eighteen years old. She was going to college and was looking to make some money doing adult modeling. She wasn’t at all new to sex and was very experienced sexually, but there was a sweet teenage innocence to the way she sucked my dick the first time. A little giggly and shy, but she liked to please. Timeka was good at giving head when most girls her age aren’t. She could do deep throat and had no problem with taking a load in her mouth.

Ebony babe is naked and pleasing a big white cock with her mouth.

Timeka has been very popular on my website because of her ability to create different looks. She is very innovative and talented with make-up and hair, designing diverse looks. Her ebony beauty. thick lips, big tits and large aerolas make her a sexy and very hot looking black cock sucker. The visual of Timeka with a white cock in her mouth makes your blood boil.

Thick lipped black chick sucks a big white cock.

In the eight years of head from Timeka I have gone through her being a co-ed and meeting her parents. That was weird. Then as an escort, listening to her escorting stories about the guys she fucked and sucked. There are many videos in my Clip Store of her talking about her escorting tales. Then we get to today, with two kids. Not mine, but I got to enjoy her lactating tits without being the dad.

Big tit black slut, Timeka, gives head to a big white cock.

BlowBob was one of the first reality sites with real women that love giving head. Timeka is one of those real women that loves sucking cock. I am looking forward to the next 200 blow jobs from this big tit ebony beauty, and sharing more of her sexual adventures. The double headers with her big black tit friends are some of my cherished threesomes with Timeka. I have been told she eats pussy just as good as sucking cock.

Two big tit black babes covered in cum after sucking a white cock.
As I said, I enjoyed our threesomes with other babes. Guys too! But, one of my favorites was with the big tit Montoya Hills. These two big tit black babes went down on my cock until I shot a load of cum all over Montoya’s big tits and large aerolas. Montoya loves it when a guy shoots his load on her tits! Timeka likes licking it off. Watch these two big tit black babes sexual escapades at BlowBob’s Clip Store.

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Brunette babe wearing glasses knells on all fours to suck a big cock.

I have a thing for girls in glasses. That being said, I meet Jackie and her boyfriend at a swingers club and I was immediately attracted to her. She was flat chested, but had a nice ass and sexy legs. I really wasn’t interested in fucking her, but the mental image of her wearing glasses while she give me head was was exciting. Later in the evening we talked, and her boyfriend and her agreed to allow me to do a blow job photo shoot with her.

Jackie, nude except for her high heels and glasses, lays on her back and lets me drill her skull with my cock.
Jackie sucked my dick for over an hour in every position possible, while her boyfriend watched. She was naked wearing only her high heels and glasses. When we finally ended up in the bedroom I had her lay on her back so I could drill her skull with my cock. Watching my cock going down her throat as her long brunette hair banged against the side of the bed, and she played with her tiny tits, was intense.

Long finger nailed brunette babe wearing glasses deep throats a big dick.
She wasn’t a great cock sucker, but for a white girl she did an amazing job. I guess she learned a lot sucking all those cocks at the swingers club.

Brunette babe wearing glasses takes a laod of cum on her tiny tits after giving a blowjob.
I finally shot my load all over Jackie’s perky little boobs as she cupped her tiny tits with her long red fingered nailed hands. She, and her boyfriend, enjoyed the experience so much they asked to be in more photo shoots. I shot Jackie sucking cock, getting fucked by two guys, eating pussy, and much more.

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Ebony milf, Tara, goes down on a big white cock and gives deep throat.

Tara is an ebony babe that I met while she was working at an adult novelty store. She is a petite but tall black girl with a really flat nice stomach, toned ass and tiny tits, but she has full succulent lips and quite a wide mouth. I asked her if she could recommend a good blowjob video. She told me that she really wasn’t a watcher and was more of a doer. I laughed and asked her if she gave good head. She answered; “invite me to dinner and I will show you.” She was so good at deep throating my cock and swallowing my hot sticky load, I invited her back for seconds!

Thick lipped ebony milf, Tara, does 69 with a big dicked white guy.

The second time we met I wanted to do a 69 blowjob and taste her sweet chocolate twat as she went down on my cock and fucked me with her face. Tara got on top of me and straddle my head so I could lick her pussy. She started sucking my hard cock, wrapping her soft full lips around the shaft as it filled her mouth. I could feel her tight tongue rubbing against the underside of my dick as she slide up and down, taking my cock deeper and deeper with every stroke.

Ebony babe lip locks Bob's big white dick while doing a 69 blowjob.

She lip locked my dick with her full lips and pumped my cock with her head as I licked her tight pussy. It had a slightly salty taste and her labia were firm and plump. I found her clit with my tongue, and it was hard. I tickled the tip with my tongue and I could feel Tara’s ass cheeks jiggle and tighten. I knew I had hit the spot as she began to moan. This went on for almost 20 minutes and I could tell Tara had multiple orgasms.

Tara takes a huge load of cum on her beautiful ebony face after giving good head.

I flipped Tara over on her back and skull drilled her as we continued our 69 oral debauchery. I drove my cock deep in her throat and fucked her face, as I sucked on her pussy lips and licked her erect clit. When I was ready to cum  I got her on her knees and dumped a huge load of sperm on her face.

I discovered after the second blowjob sesssion that Tara was a lesbian and she is one of the many ebony lesbians I have met that give great head. I guess eating pussy is good training for sucking dick.
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Deep Throat Dede

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Big black tit, Dede, gagging on white cock while giving head.

Dede is one of my favorite big tit black babes, and when I saw those huge tits of her I knew I wanted her to sucked my dick naked, wearing only high heels. I wanted  her fabulous boobs in full view and not hidden wihile she was on her knees sucking dick. To my satisfaction and pleasure, she is an amazing cock sucker, and she sucked my dick for over an hour. I fuck those all natural big black tits of hers too!

Big tit ebony babe deep throating a white cock.

I could tell Dede was really excited about sucking my cock because she kept fingering pussy while she was giving me head. I also discovered that she can deep throat too. She gags sometimes but takes your cock down her throat. I didn’t even have to ask her if she could, she just started doing it on her own. Maybe it was because she was so stimulated by the whole experience of sucking cock on camera?

Big boob ebony milf is naked, wearing only high heels and sucking dick.

Watching those all natural big black tits of hers bang againist her chest as she bounced her head up and down my cock was a thrilling sight. I titty fucked her, skull fucked her, jaw fucked her, and then sprayed her huge black tits with a load of cum. Make sure you check-out her video in my Clip Store. It is one of hottest and most popular.

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Jizzed Lizz


Mature blonde mom, Lizz, sucks dick.

The natually blonde mature mom, Lizz, does what she does best. Giving head to a big dick. Her style is more sensual. She  locks her lips around the shaft and bobs her head up and down as she squeezes and caresses the balls ever so softly.

Mature milf opens her mouth wide to take a load of sperm.

She taunts and teases by licking it with long strokes from base to tip, each time ending with a swirl of the tongue around the tip. She then takes it deep in her mouth and allows a gentle pumping of her face hoping for an explosion of hot sticky seman.

Milf Lizz gets a creamy facial. Cum drips from her wide open mouth.

With the anticaption of intense orgasum, she opens wide. She swallows what she can. Some ends up dripping down her chin as her mouth and face are blasted with the warm sticky fluid.

Blonde milf covered in cum.

She plays with the cum and uses her hands to smear it all over her face. As you can see, Lizz is a cum freak!

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